Fly Heaven is bringing back precision and style back to aviation. Where every flight is an unforgettable experience.

Book a Flight in Seconds and On Your Own Terms
With scheduled flights in the interior of the country and Caribean beach, and chartered or crowdsourced flights available anywhere.

Tap a Button & Get a Flight, It’s That Simple.
No company has reimagined aviation like Fly Heaven in Panama.

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Before buying

How do I make a reservation on your page?
  1. Choose the place from where you will depart and the destination where you´ll arrive
  2. Choose any of the available dates for your flight
  3. Enter the number of passengers
  4. Click on “Search transfer”
  5. Select one of the available aircraft and click on “Book Transfer”
  6. Review the details of the transaction and click on “continue to pay”
  7. Fill in all required fields with your information, check the box of terms and conditions and click on “Make an order”
  8. Your ticket will reach your email in seconds with the confirmation and data of your flight
I cannot find a route for me. What can I do?

For specific routes not placed on our platform you can charter a complete flight and have it at your disposal. If you wish, we can sell the available seats through our platform and you can obtain the flight credit with us.

How can I pay for my flight?

You can pay with credit card Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, Deposit in cash, Bank Transfer or Cryptocurrency. Just fill in the necessary fields in the payment section and select the way you will be making your payment.

For cases of cash deposit or transfer, it is necessary to confirm the payment by sending your voucher by email to [email protected]

Can I book a flight with one or more stops?

Yes, you can book any of our destinations placed on our platform and make other stops in your way. Just follow the steps to book a flight.

Do children pay for their ticket?

Any child over two years of age, or with a sufficient size to occupy a seat, must pay their seat in full. If the child under the age of two can travel in the lap of an adult during the flight time, it will be allowed by FLY HEAVEN. If the child is older than 2, they are required by law to have their own seat.

Can I travel with my pet?

Yes, at Fly Heaven we are Pet Friendly and you can travel with your pet in the cabin if he or she weighs 25 pounds or less. Just make sure it does not interfere with the pilot.

  • Please inform us that your friend will flight with you at (+507) 6840 0045 or [email protected]

Before your flight

Can my flight be canceled due to weather?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance, you will be notified by our FLY HEAVEN Team via email, text, or phone. Any flight may be delayed or canceled due to weather conditions or in any other condition considered by the captain of the aircraft.

Where will my flight come from and where does it arrive?

We departure and arrive at the following airports:


  • Panama City – Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport (PAC)
  • Pedasí – Airport Capt. Austanian Montenegro
  • Contadora Island – Contadora Airport (OTD)
How much baggage can I take?

Luggage policies:

You can carry a small carry-on bag per person (20 pounds maximum), approximately the same size as a hand bag on a commercial airline flight.

If you fly with special equipment such as surfboards, golf bags, or some other large size, it is necessary that you inform the staff of Fly Heaven to assess their appropriateness.

A member of the FLY HEAVEN Team reserves the right to reject packages that are considered too heavy or large. In this case, Fly Heaven will place the luggage in another mode of transport to the destination of the traveler, at user´s expense. If there is space, Fly Heaven will make an effort to place your item on a later flight.

Once I reserve a seat, can I change or cancel?

You can request change to another flight by calling at +507 6840 0045 or by writing an email to [email protected] . A member of FLY HEAVEN will do everything possible to meet your needs.

The FLY HEAVEN seats and flights can be changed up to 7 days before your flight, please note that there is a $75 change fee. Once inside the 7 days window, flights cannot be modified unless you can provide a substitute passenger who can buy your seat. In that case, you will receive credit from FLY HEAVEN for the amount of the price of your ticket, which may be applied for future trips. Note that there is a $25 administrative fee for substituted passengers.

Before you buy

Flight Day

What happens if I arrive late on my flight?

If you arrive after the scheduled time, FLY HEAVEN does not guarantee your trip.

With Fly Heaven, you must arrive at least 15 minutes before the flight. Meanwhile, our team takes care of your luggage, and you can have a drink and enjoy our VIP lounges.

Where can I park my vehicle? Can I park inside the airport?

With FLY HEAVEN you can park in front of the hangar where your plane is take inside the airport. We will provide safe security for your vehicle

Do I need to carry identification?

All passengers must present a legal identification, whether it is their passport, residence card or other identity card.

About US

Does FLY HEAVEN operates as a charter company? Does FLY HEAVEN own the aircraft?

FLY HEAVEN does not own, operate or fly any aircraft. The FLY HEAVEN technology is integrated with the fleet and the pilots of the DOT and FAA licensed carriers for their helicopter, seaplane and aircraft operations.

Fly Heaven Group, S.A. It is not a direct or indirect airline or air carrier. All flights organized by FLY HEAVEN are currently operated by several with a DOT license. For flights to any destination that are charters of the full capacity of the aircraft, FLY HEAVEN acts as the agent of the customer.