About us



Fly Heaven Group, S.A. is a Panamanian company and acts as the commercial agent of charter flights companies. Fly Heaven is not a direct airline. The airplanes and flights arranged by Fly Heaven are operated by companies certified by the Aeronautical Authority of Panama.

Fly Heaven is the largest provider of helicopter services and SHARED charter aircraft in the Panama area to the interior of the country. Fly Heaven has expanded its offerings to include the service of flights to destinations where commercial aviation companies do not operate.

Fly Heaven’s unparalleled mobile platform meets the needs of customers and aviation operators to significantly reduce the cost of air transport on charter aircraft by maximizing the utilization of passenger capacity.

In addition, Fly Heaven has rapidly increased its routes in Panama to the main airports in the interior of the country. The company offers service to its passengers in a waiting VIP lounge at the Albrook Airport.